Educational Material

We know that getting involved and volunteering at a rally is even more fun than just watching. But does it all have to be so chaotic? We hope not! On this page are some short training brochures that will help you know what to do in your volunteer assignment. These brochures are for you to read at home. Of course, there will still be a volunteer training session at the event so, don’t forget to check the Event Schedule. Link to NASA Rally Sport training information

List of Forms

We have posted a few standard forms here for your reference.  We hope this makes the forms less mysterious when you see them in use at the rally.

Training at Sandblast Rally

An early Volunteer Training for our NEW Rally Clocks will take place from 7:15 - 8pm on Friday, February 28. Dinner will be ordered in for everyone who attends! The Volunteer Meeting is Friday, February 28, 8pm, at the Cheraw Community Center.

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All stage teams will meet Saturday, March 1, 6:30am, at the Cheraw High School on Route 9. Teams will pick-up lunches and caravan out to their assigned stage.
Have your car fueled, and bring water, warm clothes and some snacks. We'll be supplying lunch but it can be a long day in the forest.

The Awards Party and Dinner will at the YMCA - Chesterfield Gymnasium on Saturday night, 7:30pm. Dinner is free for all volunteers.
Chesterfield YMCA
344 East Boulevard
Chesterfield, SC 29709-1853

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